Afna Shanavas

Special Educator

Ms. Afna Shanavas joined the TMS family on November 15, 2021 as Counselor/Special educator. With a Masters in Psychology and in-depth knowledge and specialization in Counseling, Ms. Afna’s expertise lies in Clinical and Organizational Psychology pursued from the University of Kerala. Prior to TMS, she has worked in clinical settings as a consultant psychologist where she provided assistance and guidance in counseling, case taking and formulations, therapeutic procedures as well as various assessments. She also worked as a counsellor in Karuna Sai De- Addiction and Mental Health Research Institute, Kerala and has assisted in case taking of psychiatric patients. She firmly believes in giving back to the society and has therefore provided free counseling services for children from backward communities, lead a group of inmates and engaged them in recreational activities. She was recently appointed as a Counselor and wellbeing representative for primary school.

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