Welcome message from the Principal

Ms. Ambika Gulati

At The Millennium School, Dubai, we strive to provide a nurturing environment in which our students grow to be caring, reflective and empowered individuals, who are able to discern right from wrong and make informed decisions.

We believe that education is a journey for life, which begins at school. At TMS, we instill the sense of being lifelong learners and help our students understand that learning happens through every small or big experience. Through the various programmes offered, we aim to provide holistic education that engages and enables our students to grow intellectually, emotionally, physically, socially, and aesthetically. Our motto, ‘We Choose to Care’ underpins all activities that are undertaken at school and emphasizes the significance of values in a world where the social fabric is under strain.

TMS also promotes a culture of learning for its faculty. Thus, the professional development of teachers is a critical component of the school calendar. The capacity of teachers is built to create lessons that not only suit the needs of different learners in the classroom, but also generate the excitement required for joyful learning to occur.

We understand that every child is unique and that one size does not fit all. Our counsellors and teachers are equipped to look after the needs of differently abled students. They share an open and friendly relationship with students of all ages.

Life skills and values form the bedrock of the curriculum through which students learn to be environmentally conscious, socially inclusive and enjoy the finer aspects of life, along with being critical and creative thinkers, collaborators and communicators. The curriculum has been designed carefully to help students explore, discover and challenge themselves so that striving for excellence in whatever they do becomes a part of them. The wealth and richness of our co-curricular activities provide opportunities to hone skills in creative writing, sports, leadership, performing arts, visual arts, debating and public speaking.

Each member of the team believes in an open channel of communication that is essential to create an institution that delivers the best for our students.

We appreciate the trust and faith that parents have in TMS and deeply value their partnership with us, as it helps nurture mindful global citizens. 


Ms. Ambika Gulati

Principal, The Millennium School