Parent Care Group

The Millennium School has developed a special relationship with parents, one that is characterized by empathy and mutual respect. It is not surprising then that the name of ‘Parent Care Group’ was decided by the parents themselves for a group of parent representatives, one from each grade, to support the school in moving forward.

The Parent Care Group meets once a month with the Senior Leadership Team of the school to discuss how the school’s systems and processes can be strengthened and enhanced. Members also share their views on school activities, events and resources, and discuss topics that can benefit the entire community. The meetings are truly collaborative and open, and allow the leadership team to understand the needs and requirements of students and parents.

In addition, we also have a Parent Focus Group where a representative from each section of a grade meets monthly with their respective Supervisor and Head of Section. These meetings are grade specific and brainstorm on various aspects of school life, especially teaching learning related to that grade.

At TMS, we continue to emphasize the importance of parent volunteers who are dedicated to fostering a strong, supportive community for the benefit of learning. They support the school with substitutions and various events like Healthy Food Week, the Winter Carnival, exhibitions, delivering workshops and Pink Day to name a few.

The members of the Parent Care Group are listed below.

Name of Parent

Grade & Section

Ms. Emmi Susan Mathew

KG 1


Ms. Shirley Mercy

KG 2


Mr. Ashok Mathew

Grade 1


Dr. Saji Varghese

Grade 2


Ms. Kaschmira Kasad

Grade 3


Mr. Jerry Mukkadan

Grade 4


Dr. Archana Mohan

Grade 5


Mr. Samar Hasmat

Grade 6


Ms. Amtesh Kohli

Grade 7


Mr. Ammar Shakir


Grade 8

Ms. Charu Pruthi

Grades 9


Mr. Anantha Krishnan Sekharipuram


Grade 10

Ms. Leni John

Grade 11


Ms. Ragam Muralidharan

Grade 12








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