Robotics with Zumi and Sphero

Zumi is a curious little self-driving car that’s all about learning AI. You can teach Zumi to recognize colors, learn gestures, recognize faces, and more! She's programmable in Blockly or Python. Sphero is a coding robot that lets kids learn coding through hands-on play and STEAM activities.

A perfect entry into robotics.



With Zumi students have been enjoying learning the foundations of programming with Blockly. Blockly is ablock-based visual coding language aimedfor beginners in the world of programing, self-driving cars, and artificial intelligence. Students have learnt the concept of machine learning in AI by training zumi with gestures, colours and facial recognition.




Sphero is a programmable robot ball that you can drive and code, providing endless opportunities to be creative and have fun while learning. Integrating Sphero into learning activities provides an opportunity to enhance 21st century skills such as creativity, collaboration, critical-thinking, and communication.

Students learnt the different parts of Sphero’s like battery, lights, Sensors, Infrared (IR), Sensors and compass. They learnt how to connect the Spheros, Aim the Spheros and control the speed for the Shpero. In this lesson, students were introduced to Spheros by challenging them to draw shapes that represent code and execute that code through the draw canvas. Students learnt how to create programs using block coding, and how to use loops.





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