Admissions Process

How to begin your child's journey.

Admission Policy





The Admission Procedure

The enrollment process can take place from anywhere around the world.






Admission Contact: Please contact Ms. Renu Karunakaran, the Registrar on extension 208. Her email address is [email protected]

Admission for the new academic year commences in the month of September/October (of the previous academic year).

Normally admissions for KG1 is open for siblings, while admission to other grades depends on the available vacancies.

For all other grades, admission is granted based on an entrance test.


– ONLINE APPLICATIONwww.themillenniumschool-

Select ‘ENROL NOW’ or ‘ENROL ONLINE’ under the Admissions tab.



Parents should pay an Application Fee of AED 525 by visiting the school to initiate the registration.

This fee is:

  • Refundable if, the school does not offer the student a place. Unless, the child’s registration is carried forward to the following academic year.
  • Non-refundable if, the school offers the student a place, but the student chooses not to take it.
  • Not deductible from the total tuition fees to be paid if the student is offered and accepts a place.


At the time of admission, following documents to be uploaded while doing the online registration:


  • Birth Certificate or an affidavit attested by the Consul General.
  • Passport with a valid residence visa – Primary parent and student
  • Emirates IDs – Primary parent and student
  • Student’s passport size photo
  • Photocopy of student’s original mark sheet from the last examination passed in the previous school
  • Vaccination Record



For students coming from outside the U.A.E, the following order of attestation must be observed for the Transfer Certificate:

  • For students coming from India: The Transfer Certificate has to be verified by the Education Officer of the Zone/District/Area, from where the Transfer Certificate has been obtained.
    The seal and signature of the Education Officer has to be attested by the Indian Consulate in Dubai and the Foreign Affairs Ministry of the U.A.E.
  • For students coming from Gulf countries other than the U.A.E: The Transfer Certificate should be attested by -
    • The Ministry of Education
    • The Indian Embassy
    • The Ministry of Foreign Affairs,
    • The U.A.E. Consulate/Embassy located in the country
  • For students coming from Oman: The Transfer Certificate should be attested by -
    • The Indian Embassy
    • The Ministry of Foreign Affairs
    • U.A.E. Consulate
  • Students coming from within the U.A.E. (outside Dubai) are required to submit the original School Leaving Certificate of the School last attended, duly attested by the KHDA /ADEC / Ministry of Education.
  • Students coming from schools within Dubai, the School Leaving Certificate has to be submitted.
  • All admissions from KG to Grade IX done after 15th June require a Studying/discontinued School Leaving Certificate which is valid for only 30 days from thel ast date of attendance.


Whilst we never like to say goodbye to our pupils, we understand that circumstances can change. If you would like to withdraw your ward from The Millennium School, Dubai, please consider the following.

The school must receive an intimation for withdrawal a month in advance to enable the school to complete the process.

The steps are as follows:

  1. Log on to
  3. Log in with your parent USERNAME and PASSWORD
  4. Click on TC request on the right hand side, fill all the details and save.

You will get a system-generated notification.

Kindly Pay Dhs. 126/- towards KHDA's charges to be paid.
A hard copy of the transfer certificate will be issued with the KHDA's attestation. 

Removal from School Rolls

A student’s name will be struck off the school roll on the following grounds:

  • Absence from school for a period of 30 continuous days, without the prior permission of the School Authorities
  • Repeated failure in any Grade
  • Gross misconduct

Students whose names are struck off the roll may be considered for re-admission to the school at the Principal’s discretion; however, they may be required to undergo the formalities of the admissions process.

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