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The teachers at the Millennium School are well qualified, passionate, caring and endeavor to make a difference. Surveys and data show that students value the special bond they share with the faculty. Teachers endeavor to make a positive and transformative impact on their students. A sense of moral purpose is the engine that drives every teacher. Our teachers create positive memories filled with feelings of respect for the individuality of each student, and with the belief that students are valuable members of the school community and have much to offer.

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Teacher Testimonials

  • After working in the hospitality industry for over six years, coming to Dubai as a young mom, I thought of taking a career break. I remember looking at my kindergarten-going son and his amazement and respect for his teachers. They were his superheroes.

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    Tuleka Shrivatsa

    Kindergarten Teacher

  • I joined TMS in the second year of its inception, in 2002. Back in the day, the entire school would fit into one auditorium during the assemblies. There were only two supervisors that handled the entire school (both boys and girls) – one for the primary section and the other, for middle and senior school. The classes had about 14-15 students max.

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    Zeenath Junaidi

    HOD - Social Science

  • Every student studying in The Millennium School turns into an invaluable GEM, at the hands of our committed staff, who knows that the sparkle of the diamond lies in the hands that polish it. We ensure that no child is left behind, for there is nothing in a caterpillar that promises it will turn into a beautiful butterfly one day.

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    Bindhu Joseph Veyccal

    Coordinator Model United Nations Club

  • I joined this school in April 2020 during the current pandemic was at its peak and teachers had to teach from home. As a new employee, it was quite challenging for me, as I had to understand the functioning and the pedagogical practices of a new school.

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    Renu Joshi

    Hindi Language Teacher- Primary School

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