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Our CBSE Results 2019-2020

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Grade 12 Results

The results of our Grade 12 students for the academic year 2019-2020 has been stupendous.

166 students appeared for the examination with the school registering a 100% pass. 48.19% have scored an average of above 90%.

Grade 12 Toppers




  • Science Stream: Thilak Babu and Samrin Salim
  • Commerce Stream: Afrah Kizhakkiniyakath

All three of them secured a whopping 96.6%.

Other Outstanding Achievements:

  • Shaarika Gopakumar and Guneesha Khurana secured 100% in Psychology.
  • Leen Hashim , Anaswara Pradeep , Diksha Charmana, Karen Raechel Thomas and Shradha Menon secured 100% in Painting.
  • Saisha Rao is the School Topper in English with 99%.
  • Bhavya Sharma is the School Topper in Mathematics with 99% & in Physics Bhavya Sharma and Thilak Babu topped with 98%.
  • Samrin Saleem is the School Topper in Chemistry with 99%.
  • Thilak Babu and Jaden Mathias topped the school in Computer Science with 97%.
  • Pulkit Chopra is the School Topper in Marketing with 99%.
  • TMS students have also topped within the GEMS group in Painting, Psychology, Computer Science, and Mathematics.

Grade 10 Results

Grade 10 students of The Millennium School, Dubai have once again proved their academic excellence.

With his grit and perseverance, Aryan Muralidharan scored a phenomenal 99.6% and has proudly achieved the position of being the UAE Topper for the year 2019-2020.

Grade 10 Toppers


In total 228 students appeared for the board examination and the school achieved a 100% pass. 37.3% of the students secured above 90%.

Other Outstanding Achievements:

  • Aarya Ajith, Mythri Muralikannan , Aryan Abhay Sadwelkar, Saood Mohamed Dhabi, Joanna Abraham, Selena Vivek Chainani and Manjunath Sourav Siddesh scored 100 % in English
  • Saood Mohamed Dhabi ,Suoud Nasir Khan, Aarya Ajith, Raagav Ramakrishnan,Sanjana Guruprasad,Harsha Puranik and Aryan Muralidharan scored 100% in Mathematics
  • Ishan Vaish, Samuel Mathew, Shailee Dhirendra Kampani, Dhansukha Thalaimalai Rajan and Sneha Rao Nandicoor scored 100% in French
  • Samuel Mathew and Aryan Muralidharan scored 100% in Social Studies
  • Aryan Muralidharan scored 100% in Hindi
  • Arya Ajith topped the school with 99% in Malayalam

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