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Student Council and House System

Student Council

The Student Council is the think tank of the school. Through various activities, students are empowered and encouraged to be a part of planning and implementing various programmes in school. The student council has played a pivotal role in transitioning the school to co-education. Read on to find out about the accomplishments of the student council.

Book Fair - In alignment with the United Nations Millennium Development Goal Eight, the Annual Old Book Sale was organized from 16th June to 27th June 2019. A whopping amount of AED 7,414.00 was raised. The entire sum was donated to Dubai Cares.

Design Thinking Workshop - The workshop conducted on 26th June 2019 focused on educating members about the method of Design Thinking and how it is helpful. Co-education, PE classes and Groupism amongst students of higher grades were the topics shortlisted for discussion.

Anti Bullying - This was conducted to spread greater awareness towards bullying. The students were informed of the channels of communication open to them to report any experiences of bullying.

Meeting with Keita - A meeting was arranged with the school caterers, Keita, in an initiative to improve the school canteen. Different food options, opening more counters and various other suggestions were put forth.

Teachers’ Day - The event was organized on 4th September 2019 with the motive of appreciating teachers for all their hard work and support, giving them one day they could sit back, relax and truly enjoy themselves.

Wellness Survey - A survey was undertaken to collect feedback from students on various aspects of school. The morning mindfulness session, co-education and new teaching and learning methods were the areas that were included in the survey.

Islamic Council - The Islamic Council hosted the virtual iftar and continues to spread the values of Islam through its workshops and symposiums.

Arabic Council - The Arabic Council promotes a love for the language through its interactive sessions, workshops and competitions.

The House System

The Millennium School, Dubai instills team spirit and imparts a healthy sense of competition through the House system. There are four houses namely Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter. A House teacher, Captain and Vice-Captain coordinates the activities of each house. House assemblies are conducted regularly to instill the values of teamwork and team spirit. Every student is assigned a house color on enrolment, instilling a sense of belonging and accountability. Every house has a motto they deeply revere and live up to.

It is significant to us that this is filtered across the school through the curriculum and our sports other extracurricular activities in order to ensure that all students have equal opportunities to succeed. Students accumulate house points throughout the year and the winning house at the end of the year is awarded the House Cup.

Our students uphold house allegiance with great reverence, and the competition is fierce and relentless, generating a sense of team spirit that crosses age barriers and class groups. This certainly helps to build a strong sense of collaboration and common purpose and there are many opportunities for every student to engage in supporting their team, in a wide variety of events including creativity challenges, sports, drama, athletics, subject-based quizzes, recycling, chess, debating and public speaking, MUN and other activities.

Through the inter-house activities, we are able to provide opportunities to a large number of students to participate and succeed. Students accumulate house points throughout the year and, at the end of the year, the winning house is awarded the House Cup.

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