Kindergarten Curriculum Enhancement Programme

Our Kindergarten Curriculum Enhancement Programme is a varied learning programme, an extension to our kindergarten learning that helps develop and enhance a child’s imagination and creativity, generate new ideas through creative thinking, tap their innermost potential and help form a strong basic foundation to childhood.

We value dramatic play, creativity, dance and movement, music, gross and fine motor skills and many forms of literacy play. The focus of this programme is to encourage children to try new things, build important life skills and further strengthen their self-esteem and confidence. Our creative club includes skills such as weaving, origami, sketching, jewellery designing, paper mache art, tie and dye art, etc along with cookery and indoor games). Our fun day activities, such as bubble making, cookery club, and outdoor/indoor games, help our children experience new, exciting and challenging activities and their skills unfold.

Our KCEP field trips are an essential tool that looks at educational opportunities that provide hands-on experience, enrich and expose our children to diverse ideas, observations, people and places. Our clubs include Tennis, Karate, Melodica Keyboard, Dance Club and Ballet classes conducted and run by qualified, certified coaches and trainers. Students are motivated to achieve their potential through confidence, self-esteem and physical well-being. The Dance Club focuses on overall fitness. A fusion of basic freestyle movements and contemporary western dance styles, the dance club help students develop a high-quality art form with grace and style through Ballet.

KCEP encourages students to take on tasks that help develop their positive self-image and gives them purpose and direction, an avenue for channeling their energy toward achievement and self-expression.

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