Inclusive education is not a project or an initiative. It is the progressive development of attitudes, behaviors, systems and beliefs that enable inclusive education to become a norm that underpins school culture and is reflected in the everyday life of the school community.” (KHDA, 2017).


The Millennium School envision to nurture the potential of every student and empower him or her to be self-reliant learners. The school has a strong ethos of inclusion and provides targeted support through its Inclusion Support Team. The team consists of Senior Leaders, Educational Supervisors, Parent and LSA representatives, Counselors and Special Educators. The Team:

  • Sets standards for quality assurance on inclusive practices across different phases of the school
  • Frames policies on provisions
  • Protects the rights to education for students of determination


A group of highly qualified and experienced professionals constitute the Counselling and Learning Support Department. The learning support services provided by the department include: 

  • Identification of individual student’s learning needs who face significant academic difficulties or demonstrate the need for behavioral management
  • Planning, development and implementation of Individualized Education Plans (IEPs) or Behavior Management Programs (BMP)
  • Monitoring student progress collaboratively with stakeholders
  • Provision of individualized learning support sessions to build the required academic skills.
  • Training and awareness programs for teachers, learning support assistants and parents

Click on the link given below :

***Dubai Inclusive Education Policy Framework

***Executive Council Resolution

***Revised categorisation framework for students of determination

*** Policy on Inclusion