Kurush Pawar-tr

Kurush Pawar

Cherishing the Journey

I spent a large part of my school life at TMS, from the start of middle school, until I graduated. From day one, the staff there made me feel at home and comfortable. I was taught good values from the young age at which I joined and the staff there made sure I stayed on the right track until the day I stepped out those doors for the last time. The one thing that has stayed with me, even all these years after I’ve graduated, is something an old English teacher said to me. “There will be no TMS out there for you once you’re done here.” What he meant by that was, there won’t be people out there who take nearly as much time to guide you patiently, make sure you’re comfortable and getting your work done with all the help they could offer. It taught me to be determined, stay focused and work twice as hard towards what I wanted to achieve in life. It made me value the teachers I had around me all those years even more. I’m proud to say that today, that has led me to my childhood dream of being an airline pilot. Thank you for an amazing 8 years, TMS. I’ll always cherish the journey I had with you.

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