Pastoral Care

Promoting learning through a happy and well-balanced environment

The Millennium School seeks to provide a quality education in a caring and individualised learning environment that is enhanced through a friendly and constructive partnership with parents.

We carefully monitor the children's progress through the school and ensure that all are set appropriately challenging targets for learning. There is a strong emphasis on achievement and celebration of success.

Our happy and supportive environment enriches the learning process and provides the students with a well-rounded education that builds confidence and self-discipline. Our child-centred approach nurtures the individual abilities of each child. Students are taught to think independently, to utilise their own initiative and innovation and to actively participate in the learning process.A commitment to the welfare of students is of prime concern to The Millennium School staff. We understand that students learn significantly more in a happy and well-balanced environment.

Our pastoral  care programme is underpinned by the   on-going development of staff/student and student/student relationships. Working together is of the utmost importance.

Importantly, a significant number of initiatives are developed through the Student Representative Council and the Peer Support Programmes.

The children are equipped with all the skills required in a challenging and changing world.

We seek to inspire in our students, a joy and commitment to learning that will last a life time.

The Millennium School actively promotes strong links with parents to ensure that at all times people are kept fully informed of any concerns the school or parents may have.